Infant Car Seat Cover Safety

Anyone who has a baby understand just how much that one little person needs. You have to purchase a bed for them to sleep on, a chair for them to sit in when they are eating, and a car seat for them to use when riding around in the car. Too often we forget about the small things like the car seat cover.

An infant car seat cover is used over the existing interior of the car. People will use this as a way to keep the seat clean and dry. Whenever anything spills on it all they have to do is take the cover off and throw it in the wash.

There are other types that are used to cover the top portion of the seat while the infant is inside. It will cover the whole seat completely except for a face hole for the infant. This is used to keep the infant warm during the winter.

The car seat covers are great to have – but do not use them unless you know the safety steps that must be followed. Some use these so that so they are able to reuse older car seats and to spend less money on a used seat. This is a bad idea and must never be done. A car seat should only be used if it is new.

Anytime a car seat has been in an accident it must be thrown out and a new one purchased. When you buy it used you do not know what history it has seen or if it was in an accident. Also after five or ten years the seat should be thrown out and replaced with something new.

The car seat covers look great and are very functional – but they are not supported by any type of car seat manufacturer. When you use it make sure that it is not impeding on how you use the car seat and that it is not in the way of the seat belt.

Many people will use these covers during the winter months to keep their child warm. While these are helpful if you are not totally comfortable with them and are afraid that it is not working properly with the seat that you have then we suggest using something similar to it. A cold weather boot sits over the baby’s legs to help keep them warm – but doesn’t cover them completely.

The type of car seat cover that you are able to use for this purpose are designed to sit over the edge of the seat. It is built with elastic that will cover the whole seat – but leave an opening for the infant’s face. This is considered to be safe because it does not interfere with the harness.